Coming Soon to Weagles!

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over a year since Weagles moved back to Ipswich! Since then loads has happened, the club has grown and we’ve hosted 4 successful standalone tournaments! Madness!

So what’s going to be coming up at Weagles over the next few months?

We’ve currently got the Kings of War League taking place (a perfect warm up for the Mantic Summer Campaign) – For the full rules and information click here.

Batman – Starting 27th May. The Battle for Gotham commences, choose your faction and take part in our map based campaign to take control of the city. Sign up here.

Blood Bowl – Kicks off 10th June. The commentary team are warming up ready for the 2017 Blood Bowl season to begin. Sign up here.

Kings of War – Runs from 2nd September to 30th September, no rules as yet but it’ll be part of the Mantic Summer Campaign – Help decide the fate of Mantica!

In addition to these ongoing events we’ve also got two confirmed upcoming tournaments:

23rd September – The Weagle Bowl 2017

28th October – Batman, The Long Halloween – Part 2

We’re looking forward to a good year, if you’ve got any suggestions for events that we can run let us know by emailing for more information on what the club has planned keep an eye on the website and our Facebook Page.

Are the Big Games Dying?


I’ve noticed over the past year that games such as Batman Miniatures game (BMG), Frostgrave (FG) and the new (to the club anyway) Marvel Universe Miniatures game (MUMG), seem to be grabbing more and more players, now what’s this down to? Well I’m sticking my neck out and saying the following.

  1. COST: I would say first and foremost this could be the main reason, the 3 games mentioned above need very few figures, a starter set for MUMG only cost me £35 and that includes the rule-book in the pack, and with FG you can easily use nearly any old fantasy miniatures you have. Compare this to Warhammer & 40K, a starter army isn’t going to leave you with much change from £100, and that’s not counting the rule-book and in a lot of  cases a separate army book.
  2. Transport:  face it, it’s easier to carry 10 figures than 100.
  3. Something different: any of us that have roleplayed D&D or the like can relate to a small band of heroes doing battle and grabbing treasure, FG brings this with and easy to use tabletop form in a fantasy setting, and what with the success of the Dark Knight and Marvel movies, I’m sure we all what a piece of that action on the tabletop. Where the only new stuff we get for 40K is bigger and more expensive tanks, knights and more rules. Fantasy has tried to move on, but (in my opinion) limited success, but still new releases seem to yet again be big kits containing special characters or monsters.

I might be right, I might be wrong, maybe the two Warhammer games need to go back to their skirmish roots.

WIP Wednesday – Tzeentch Titan, Dark Angels and Jokers Little Helper…


Dark Angels by Peter Cass – Deadlines really help focus the mind when it comes to painting!

Tzeentch Warbird Scout Titan by Jon Halls

Jokers Little Helper, aka Harley Quinn for the Batman Miniature Game by Matt Holden