Club Meet 4/4/15

As Neil was back for a meet for the first time since he moved to Germany the main activity of the night was his choice, in this case Kill Teams.

Club Meet 4.4.15

Club Meet 4.4.15

For those that are not familiar with Kill Teams, it’s very small scale 40K, you only have 200pts to play with… The rules set used for this meet were home brew, a mix of the GW Kill Team rules, Necromunda and 40K.

The Kill Teams games were done as doubles in the first game and the second was 3 vs 3. With small forces or a good sized board it makes for some interesting games! Man (squad) of the Match in game 2 was Alex’s Cadian Conscripts who were on a roll! Continue reading


Club Meet – 21/03/15

Last nights club meeting was a blast, 3 games of 40K and the conclusion to the Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign.

Game 1 saw Gaz and his Eldar (Craftworld & Harlequins) take on Keiths Grey Knights with Imperial Knight support. The result was a massacre in favour of the Eldar with the Knights seeming just have dangerous masses haywire shots can be…

To the Darkside come you will

To the Darkside come you will

The second game saw two tendrils of the Hive Mind both fighting over the same planet, the result; a bloodbath…

Game 3 was Tau vs Dark Eldar, the result a win for the Tau but more importantly it let Sam have a run through of 7th Ed and get used to the subtle changes that have taken place to the Dark Eldar.

The Star Wars: Imperial Assault campaign ended well, there was a fear that ‘campaign creep’ meant the Heroes were too powerful for the Empire to stop, but the last mission was more than a match for them! It finished with the Wookiee downed to massed Stormtrooper fire, the Bothan out from being force-choked, the smuggler running for the hills, wounded and exhausted (she’s maintaining it was a tactical withdrawal). The campaign ended in a one on one duel between the Jedi-in-training and Darth Vader himself.

Vader was forced to retreat eventually and the heroes won the day (and the campaign).

Great club meeting, next time it’s 40K Kill Teams!