WIP Wednesday – Logan, Star Wars and a Tile…


Logan Grimnars Chariot by Lee Wright

Checkerboard tile for diorama by James Salisbury

Base coated Rebel Commander and Trandoshan Hunter for Imperial Assault by Jon Halls


Miniature Monday – Assassins

Assassins by James Salisbury

Assassins by James Salisbury


Assassin Execution Force by James Salisbury –The Probable Suicide Squad’ Featuring Black Willow, The Vanquisher, Dead Paul and The Jokester

WIP Wednesday – Nids, Punks and ‘Dead Paul’…


Judge Dredd Punk by Matt Holden

Gaunts by Ben Edwards

Culexus Assassin ‘Dead Paul’ by James Salisbury

Nids by Alexander Hodes

WIP Wednesday – Marines, Nids and He-Man…


Adam / He-Man by Jon Halls

Tyranid Prime and Genestealers by Alexander Hodes

Magnetised Librarian by James Salisbury

Barricades by Matt Holden

Miniature Monday – Squats and Assassins


Callidus Assassin by Ben Edwards

Squat Mining Droid by Jon Halls

Vindicare Assassin WIP by James Salisbury

Miniature Monday – Assassins



Eversor Assassin by Ben Edwards

Vindicare Assassin by Ben Edwards

Eversor Assassin by James Salisbury