Experiemntal House Rules – Imperial Bunker and Webway Portal

A while ago our club members were chatting about the idea of creating data sheets for some of our terrain, as such I’ve created some experimental rules for them.

Here are the version 1 rules for our Eldar Webway Gate and Imperial Bunker.

Please let us know what you think by clicking on the below images, you’ll be taken to the PDF.

Webway Portal Imperial Bunker

These are currently the first edition of the rules and will most likely get tweaked after a bit of play testing, it’ll be good to get input from the wider gaming community (it should help with balance).


A Case Of The Squats

Back in the “good old days” there was an army of space dwarfs. They promptly got “eaten by Tyranids” and retroactively removed from all fluff, had the model moulds destroyed and now so much as mentioning them on workshop sites gets you a perma-ban. They also had a stupid name. I am referring of course to the Squats.

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