Club Rules & Costs

What it costs…

A standard club night :)

A standard club night 🙂

In order to pay for our room hire we charge subs, the club runs on a “Play & Pay” basis and we charge £4.00 per session, if you’re just visiting we ask for £1.oo to help cover costs. The subs cover the room hire and any spare we reinvest into terrain, new boards and the occasional Christmas game pizza!

We also offer yearly payments, basically you pay for all the sessions in advance (whether you attend or not) and get a discount, so if you think you’ll be able to make the majority of the club meets this option may be a good idea. A full years one off payment is £85, this includes all our standard club meets as well as the full day sessions!

If you’ve never been to the club before and what to give it a test run that’s no problem, the first meeting is free!

The Rules…

We don’t want to have too many rules, we’re all adults and treat each other as such.

The core rules are:

  • Respect the board and terrain
  • Respect other peoples models and possessions
  • Be excellent to each other!