The Ivory Outpost! – Discounted Products for Club Members

We’re always looking at ways to help people have a better hobby experience. To do this Weagles have teamed up with Ivory Goat Games in Ipswich to look at how we can bring additional benefits to our members as well as the club as a whole – Welcome to the Ivory Outpost!

What Ranges are Covered?

Currently it’ll just be Games Workshop products and if it’s a success then we’ll look at doing it for other ranges.

How do you Benefit?

Thanks to Ivory Goat you can order any Games Workshop product at up to 25% off RRP! Some products are classed as web exclusives, don’t worry you can still order these but the discount you receive will be 10%.

With 8th Edition 40K due to hit soon we’re going to offer an increased discount of 30% off RRP until the end of June 2017 (up to 15% for web exclusive products).

How the Club Benefits?

Simple, we’ll get a commission on all orders placed, these will be used to invest into terrain and improving the club, the more you spend through us the more the club benefits – a win/win as far as we can see!

How to Order!

Email us with the list of products that you want, we’ll arrange an invoice via Paypal and once payment has been received the team at Ivory Goat will place your order! Your products should arrive within about 1 week and can be either collected from Ivory Goat or picked up from the club.

Email address for orders and questions: