The key thing about any games club is what games they play!

Gaz vs Matt's Imperial Guard

Gaz vs Matt’s Imperial Guard

We like to play a mix of things, the main game played is 40K and if people have nothing planned 9 times out of 10 they’ll have an army with them. We also have a good number of Warhammer Fantasy Battle players.

Apart from Warhammer and 40K we run a club Blood Bowl League every couple of years and at time of writing are looking to start a Necromunda campaign.

In addition we also have players for Star Trek Attack Wing, Uncharted Seas (from here on known as Splishy Boats) and Kings of War.

We also play card games such as Magic the Gathering plus boardgames such as Settlers of Catan, Game of Thrones, Super Dungeon Explorer, Dread Ball, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Descent.

Failing that if you just fancy sitting, painting and chatting we’ve got space for that as well 🙂

To get the most from a club night the best plan is to prearrange a game, the best way to do this is to get in touch or join our club Facebook Group.

We don’t have any rules on painted models, all we ask is they are what they are meant to be, if you’re going to proxy something to try it out feel free, just let your opponent know what everything is.