Downloads and Resources

On this page you’ll find various downloads and helpful links to gaming resources.

In the case of downloads the date it was last updated will be included.

Page last updated April 2017.


Blood Bowl Competition Rules Pack (June 2013) – PDF

Necromunda Rulebook Community Edition (February 2015) – PDF

40K Kill Teams Rule Pack (December 2012) – PDF

Eldar Webway Portal, Version 1 – House Rules (June 2015) – PDF

Imperial Bunker, Version 1 – House Rules (June 2015) – PDF

Weagles KoW League Rules (April 2017) – PDF

The Battle for Gotham BMG Campaign Rules (April 2017) – PDF

External Links:

Games Workshop Rules Errata

Necromunda Community Rules Resources – You will need to create an account on their website to use this content

Star Wars Codex’s for Warhammer 40K by A Tabletop Gamers Diary – Includes both Rebels and Galactic Empire

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