Weagle Bowl 2017

Daphne Dukes“Welcome sports fans!

It’s me, Daphne Dukes, the Weagles roving reporter!

Following the success of the 2016 Weagle Bowl we’re going to do it all again in 2017!

That’s right folks, the Weagle Bowl is back! Will Scs.sam retain his title? Will HexWraith69 earn a second wooden spoon? Will the Evergreen Invaders stop thinking they’re a Chaos team and remember they’re Wood Elves? Who knows!

One thing we do know is that all these questions will be answered at the 2017 Weagle Bowl!

It’ll be the same format as last year, 4 matches over the course of one day. My top tip don’t go out on the town the night before!

Good luck to all that are taking part and watch out for my live Twitter updates throughout the day!”

Welcome to Weagle Bowl 2017, our NAF sactioned one day Blood Bowl Tournament hosted by the White Eagles Wargames Club.

The rulespack for the day is available here.

Tickets are £14 for NAF members only (NAF membership is available from http://www.thenaf.net/). Tickets can be purchased from this link.

Any questions about the event please get in touch either via our Facebook Event Page or email whiteeagleswargames@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd September!