Coming Soon to Weagles!

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over a year since Weagles moved back to Ipswich! Since then loads has happened, the club has grown and we’ve hosted 4 successful standalone tournaments! Madness!

So what’s going to be coming up at Weagles over the next few months?

We’ve currently got the Kings of War League taking place (a perfect warm up for the Mantic Summer Campaign) – For the full rules and information click here.

Batman – Starting 27th May. The Battle for Gotham commences, choose your faction and take part in our map based campaign to take control of the city. Sign up here.

Blood Bowl – Kicks off 10th June. The commentary team are warming up ready for the 2017 Blood Bowl season to begin. Sign up here.

Kings of War – Runs from 2nd September to 30th September, no rules as yet but it’ll be part of the Mantic Summer Campaign – Help decide the fate of Mantica!

In addition to these ongoing events we’ve also got two confirmed upcoming tournaments:

23rd September – The Weagle Bowl 2017

28th October – Batman, The Long Halloween – Part 2

We’re looking forward to a good year, if you’ve got any suggestions for events that we can run let us know by emailing for more information on what the club has planned keep an eye on the website and our Facebook Page.

40K – Times They Are A Changin…

New-Hero-Banner-600x278Saturday saw the expected announcement of 40K 8th Edition…

The player-base kept thier cool, well, some of it did…

Today saw a live Q&A from GW that details a bit more about what will be changing in 8th!

Faeit 212/Natfka has done a handy write up of what was discussed and it can be found here:

What do people think? From this reporters view it looks like 40K will be incorporating lots of things that AoS introduced, some will see this as good, others bad…

Some examples include  – Tanks/MC will get worse as they get ‘wounded’, also everything can now hurt everything.

Overall it’s too early to make a judgement about what 8th will be like, I’m sure we’ll hear more in the coming days and weeks…

Roll on mid June as that’s the rumoured rlease date, also save those rulebook and codex receipts as if they’re less than 8 weeks old you can get a voucher replacement!

Daphne’s Salute Survival Guide

Daphne DukesIt’s April, that means one thing – Salute Wargames Show!

This year several the Weagles members are going, some for the first time, as such it’s my duty as a reporter to give an insight in to how best survive the show if you’re going for the first time…

Sensible Shoes!

Heels are great, but not when you’re on your feet all day! Wear shoes that you’re happy to walk in for a good few hours, take it from me there is nothing worse than sore feet.

Set a Budget!

Salute has loads of retail stands, and I mean loads. It’s also really easy to spend a fortune and then spend another fortune. This is two tips in one, firstly set a budget and ideally take it in cash, lots of the stalls accept cards and it’s far too easy to get a bit spend happy if you’re just handing over plastic.

The second part of this tip is to not spend all your cash at once, if a stall has a large stock of something it’s ok to come back later and buy it then. You might see it cheaper at another stand after all.

Food & Drink!

Food and drink at ExCel is not cheap, there are also a few thousand people who at some point will all be looking for lunch or a cuppa at some point. The best way to avoid this is to take lunch with you, a packed lunch is the way forward, unless of course you want to pay £10 for a Subway and queue for 30 mins to get it….

16387062_1246030665443841_3007326592106247634_nMake a Shopping List!

This tip links back to setting a budget, it’s easy to make many (many, many) impulse purchases, as such plan what you really want to get, write a list and set a sensible budget cover the list with a bit of spare for those unexpected or impulse purchases.

Plan Your Day!

This tip is really a combination of all the others. Salute is a big event and it’s all too easy for 7hrs to go by without seeing even a fraction of what’s there. The full list of traders and games is available on the South London Warlords / Salute website, have a look through them and plan what you want to see and what stalls you want to visit.

It’s also worth while planning how to walk around the show, if you bounce back and forth between stall you’ll walk for miles, if you know what you want to see and where you want to visit you’ll see everything that you want to.

So, these are my top tips! If I’ve missed any let us know in the comments! Have a great day and keep an eye on my Twitter for pictures from the day.

Howling Banshee by Narga Cosplay

It’s been a while since we last did a GW inspired cosplay post (just shy of two years to be exact) but with the Eldar taking centre stage in Gathering Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan, it was time to follow our past posts on Kosataya (Valhallan Guardswoman) and Khelga Khromaya (Russian style Space Marine) and do a post dedicated to Narga and her Dawn of War III inspired Howling Banshee.

Want to see more of her work?

Visit her Facebook Page: Narga and Aoki cosplay
Photoshoot Behind the scenes video
Costume Making of video

Personally I think the costume is amazing and the composition of the photos captures what is both familiar but also at the same time totally alien, stunning work!

Got any more examples of GW inspired costumes? Let us know as we’d love to share them!


Weagle Bowl 2016 – Results

Daphne Dukes

Daphne Dukes reporting!

Hello sports fans! Welcome to the Weagle Bowl results show with me, Daphne Dukes!

What a day it was! 4 gruelling games of Blood Bowl in the course of one day, this gave the coaches a real chance to show their stamina and prove they deserved the top spot!

Even the destruction of the Old World didn’t stop 12 brave coaches from entering teams, each one eager to prove they were the best!

The competitors were:

  • David Lloyd (Squaresheep) – The Scaly Creeps (Lizardmen)
  • Andrew Laing (Mr_Frodo) – Let it Go (Norse)
  • Richard Langford (Hexwraith69) – Badland Marauders (Orcs)
  • Paul Jones (PaulJones82) – Scabbyeye Scramblers (Orcs)
  • Nick Kealy (Knowmad) – Tiger Wasps (Dark Elves)
  • Sean Hassey (EmBeth) – Tequila Shots (Lizardmen)
  • James Slater (Besters) – Little Expectation (Chaos Dwarf)
  • Simon Cass (VarekUK) – The Irony Maidens (High Elves)
  • Gareth Francis (Grimthorn) – Evergreen Invaders (Wood Elves)
  • Gareth Griffiths (greymurphy42) – M.L.S All-Stars (Nurlge)
  • Sam Griffiths (scs.sam) – The D.R.S.E (Wood Elves)
  • Steve Chambers (dontcallmeflossy) – Who’s ya Deady? (Undead)

Round 1

Round 1 Underway!

Round 1 Underway!

With all coaches accounted for and the pre-match shows completed (there’s nothing better than elf cheerleaders!) it was time for the first round to begin!

The opening games of the tournament were brutal! 5 players ended their Blood Bowl careers permanently, much to the amusement of the crowd who were keen to get involved!

The Marauders Troll wasn’t in the best form as he kept getting knocked down (although sources close to the Marauders have said this may be a tactic to get more pay!) The Evergreen Invaders also appeared to have brought the wrong playbook as they were beating up the Nurgle Team! I hoped they washed their hands afterwards!

After the dust had settled Little Expectation had defied their own team name and taken an early lead, with a statement game against The Scaly Creeps, beating them 3-0 and inflicting a horrific 5 casualties! The Evergreen Invaders had also had a strong first game putting them only one point behind the leaders!


Round 2

I'm not standing up until I'm paid more!

I’m not standing up until I’m paid more!

The second round saw Little Expectation take on The Evergeen Invaders while in a match that was more akin to mud wrestling than Blood Bowl The Irony Maidens hosted The D.R.S.E, and yes, the keen eyed amongst you will have noticed that D.R.S.E isn’t their actual team name, and it’s not for me to judge what Wood Elves get up to in their spare time but I’m not reporting it!

At the other end of the table The All-Stars took on the Scramblers while the two Lizardmen teams squared off in a mirror match, one commentator was heard to say it was like watching an old Godzilla movie as giant lizards smashed into each other!

It looks like the earlier reports of the Marauders Troll holding out for more pay were correct, with him spending a full 4 downs laying on the pitch! The Tiger Wasps also showed how good elves can be with one of the team performing a perfect interception despite being surrounded by 6 Orcs!

After the second round Who’s Ya Deady? Had managed to sneak past Little Expectation while the Invaders had dropped to 4th behind D.R.S.E, meanwhile the ScabbyEye Scramblers looked firmly in line for the wooden spoon…


Round 3

The penultimate round saw Who’s Ya Deady? take on Little Expectation while the two Wood Elf teams squared off!

The Undead vs Chaos Dwarf match saw the two teams grind each other down, the issue for the Dwarves is that undead don’t get tired and despite a Ghoul learning the hard way why you don’t try to stop a charging centaur the stunties lost 2-0.

In the Wood elf grudge match D.R.S.E proved to be the better team on the day winning the match 4-3, however the Invaders took home to moral victory as they inflicted more casualties! The crowd even decided to get involved at one point rushing the pitch!

Once again the ScabbyEye Scramblers round themselves rooted to the bottom of the table as they suffered a loss to the Scaly Creeps.


Round 4

In the last round there was all to play for with any of the top 7 teams technically able to walk away with the trophy, however in reality it was going to be a clash between the D.R.S.E and Who’s Ya Deady?

At the bottom of the table the two Orc teams squared off, both trying to avoid being the first team to take home the wooden spoon!

In the end the Undead couldn’t match the pure speed of the Wood Elves allowing D.R.S.E to capture the win, and with a massive 15 touchdowns across the event they also claimed that crown. Who’s ya Deady? didn’t go home empty handed though as their performance allowed them to hold onto the runner up spot as well as claiming the award for the most violent team with 12 casualties inflicted!

In the duel for the wooden spoon it was 0-0 until late in the second half the ScabbyEye Scramblers ended up with the ball in range of the Marauders end zone, in what felt like an eternity the Orc stood there as if confused by what was happening before hearing the coach screaming ‘Run you fool!!’ with that the Scramblers scored their first touchdown of the Weagle Bowl and secured victory over the Marauders!


 The Results

  • Overall Winner – Sam Griffiths (scs.sam) – The D.R.S.E (Wood Elves)
  • Runner Up – Steve Chambers (dontcallmeflossy) – Who’s Ya Deady? (Undead)
  • Most Touchdowns (15) – Sam Griffiths (scs.sam) – The D.R.S.E (Wood Elves)
  • Most Casualties (12) – Steve Chambers (dontcallmeflossy) – Who’s ya Deady? (Undead)
  • Best Painted – Richard Langford (Hexwraith69) – Badland Marauders (Orcs)
  • Wooden Spoon – Richard Langford (Hexwraith69) – Badland Marauders (Orcs)

Overall Winner – Sam Griffiths (scs.sam) – The D.R.S.E (Wood Elves)


Runner Up – Steve Chambers (dontcallmeflossy) – Who’s ya Deady? (Undead)


Most Touchdowns (15) – Sam Griffiths (scs.sam) – The D.R.S.E (Wood Elves)


Most Casualties (12) – Steve Chambers (dontcallmeflossy) – Who’s ya Deady? (Undead)


Best Painted – Richard Langford (Hexwraith69) – Badland Marauders (Orcs)


Wooden Spoon – Richard Langford (Hexwraith69) – Badland Marauders (Orcs)

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all those that attended our first event and we’ll let you know the plan for the next Weagle Bowl as soon as we’ve recovered from this one!

Attendees and Organisers

Attendees and Organisers

We’d also like to wish a huge thank you to KR Multicase for providing prizes for the event as well as Counter Attack Bases for making the trophies! You both rock!

13119767_1102865376438398_8615383559344591583_oKR Logo

Good News! Based on the success of the 2016 event, we’re going to do it all again next year! Click here for details of the Weagle Bowl 2017.

Are the Big Games Dying?


I’ve noticed over the past year that games such as Batman Miniatures game (BMG), Frostgrave (FG) and the new (to the club anyway) Marvel Universe Miniatures game (MUMG), seem to be grabbing more and more players, now what’s this down to? Well I’m sticking my neck out and saying the following.

  1. COST: I would say first and foremost this could be the main reason, the 3 games mentioned above need very few figures, a starter set for MUMG only cost me £35 and that includes the rule-book in the pack, and with FG you can easily use nearly any old fantasy miniatures you have. Compare this to Warhammer & 40K, a starter army isn’t going to leave you with much change from £100, and that’s not counting the rule-book and in a lot of  cases a separate army book.
  2. Transport:  face it, it’s easier to carry 10 figures than 100.
  3. Something different: any of us that have roleplayed D&D or the like can relate to a small band of heroes doing battle and grabbing treasure, FG brings this with and easy to use tabletop form in a fantasy setting, and what with the success of the Dark Knight and Marvel movies, I’m sure we all what a piece of that action on the tabletop. Where the only new stuff we get for 40K is bigger and more expensive tanks, knights and more rules. Fantasy has tried to move on, but (in my opinion) limited success, but still new releases seem to yet again be big kits containing special characters or monsters.

I might be right, I might be wrong, maybe the two Warhammer games need to go back to their skirmish roots.