Coming Soon to Weagles!

It’s crazy to think that it’s been over a year since Weagles moved back to Ipswich! Since then loads has happened, the club has grown and we’ve hosted 4 successful standalone tournaments! Madness!

So what’s going to be coming up at Weagles over the next few months?

We’ve currently got the Kings of War League taking place (a perfect warm up for the Mantic Summer Campaign) – For the full rules and information click here.

Batman – Starting 27th May. The Battle for Gotham commences, choose your faction and take part in our map based campaign to take control of the city. Sign up here.

Blood Bowl – Kicks off 10th June. The commentary team are warming up ready for the 2017 Blood Bowl season to begin. Sign up here.

Kings of War – Runs from 2nd September to 30th September, no rules as yet but it’ll be part of the Mantic Summer Campaign – Help decide the fate of Mantica!

In addition to these ongoing events we’ve also got two confirmed upcoming tournaments:

23rd September – The Weagle Bowl 2017

28th October – Batman, The Long Halloween – Part 2

We’re looking forward to a good year, if you’ve got any suggestions for events that we can run let us know by emailing for more information on what the club has planned keep an eye on the website and our Facebook Page.

We’ve Moved!

Well more accurately at the time of writing we’re in the process of moving!

Having been based at Hadleigh Library for over the last decade we’re now (due to losing our storage facilities) having to move our club. This, while initially being quite worrying, has been a blessing in disguise as we’ve manged to find an awesome new venue.

From our next meet (2nd April) we’ll be based at the 36th Ipswich Scout Hall in Ipswich.

The pictures below give a bit of a feel for the new venue and we’re really looking forward to this new era for the club, the best bit is we even now start an hour earlier, all our meetings start from 6.30pm.

Hope to see you soon!

Want to know when our next club session is? Have a look at our Facebook Event List

Miniature Monday – Mortarion

Mortarion by Ben Edwards

WIP Wednesday – Logan, Star Wars and a Tile…


Logan Grimnars Chariot by Lee Wright

Checkerboard tile for diorama by James Salisbury

Base coated Rebel Commander and Trandoshan Hunter for Imperial Assault by Jon Halls

WIP Wednesday – Tzeentch Titan, Dark Angels and Jokers Little Helper…


Dark Angels by Peter Cass – Deadlines really help focus the mind when it comes to painting!

Tzeentch Warbird Scout Titan by Jon Halls

Jokers Little Helper, aka Harley Quinn for the Batman Miniature Game by Matt Holden

Miniature Monday – Assassins

Assassins by James Salisbury

Assassins by James Salisbury


Assassin Execution Force by James Salisbury –The Probable Suicide Squad’ Featuring Black Willow, The Vanquisher, Dead Paul and The Jokester