Alex ‘The Chosen One’ Edwards

admiralgeneralObviously, as the Chosen one, I bring balance to the Force.

Trained by the mighty Darth Vader in the arts of Lightsaber combat, the wisdom of the Jedi by Yoda, and how to be the best Star Ship Captain of them all by the legendary Captains Kirk & Picard, I represent all that is good and right in this world.

Never one to be cowed by the enormity of any situation, world domination was laid at my feet, but I refused it in favour of leading the intrepid band of mighty adventurers of the White Eagles War Games Club.

As such I took the proffered title of Admiral General and grew my already luxurious beard to epic proportions to stand before you now as a mighty dictator and leader of men.

Matt and Gaz have graciously accepted the order to be my minion lieutenants and thus are the triumphant now complete.

Bow, and cower, before our might and accept our infallible wisdom as law.