Meet the Club Committee (and Daphne)

The White Eagles is looked after by our very own 3 wise monkeys. Here’s a bit about each of them…

Alex Edwards

Club Chairman & Treasurer

Alex headLike others in the White Eagles I have a long history of being a leading figure in running games clubs in and around Ipswich. From my first group formed way back when I were a wee 16 year old (W.A.R.Net) to the present day White Eagles Gaming Club (WEGC) full details can be found elsewhere on the founding history of this club.

I am known for running Blood Bowl as my primary focus, but like all good things, too much can make something boring, so I like to alternate what I do.

I have recently set out on my goal of building an Imperial Guard 40K army and had to let my beloved swarm of ‘Nids go to make way…but never fear, the ultimate painting guide for any army will soon be applied to my intrepid troopers! 😉

Massively into Star Wars I will be running an Imperial Assault campaign later this year (2015) in the build up to the new film.  roll on December!

The committee is made up of three for a reason, and my original alternate bio is one such reason… click here… (thanks guys…I preferred my original!)

Gareth Francis (aka, Gaz)

Tournament Relations Officer



If I could use six words to describe myself, they would be Star Gate/Star Trek Marvel Elf Nut (that is six, trust me, count them again).

At our humble little meeting place I’d like to see myself as the White Eagles Ironman in between Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield (I’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s who).

I’m the resident Elf player in all our major system’s (and even some of our non-major games as well), but Warhammer Fantasy Battle is my main game, with my High Elf and Tomb King’s (now Undead as well) armies, so normally I can be you first port of call for a fantasy game, as long as I’m not out with my Eldar!

And for a added twist I’m trying to convert the world into playing the Marvel Miniatures Game!

Matt Holden

Club Secretary, GCN Contact and Media Relations Officer



I’m the Ying to Alex’s Yang and Captain America in Gaz’s Iron Man reference.

I’ve been involved with running games clubs since 2002 when I was one of the founding members of Swarmm Wargames, the history of which can be found elsewhere on this site. I’m often involved with things behind the scenes at the club, I also enjoy making terrain but do have a bad habit of taking on too many projects – most of which can be found on my Facebook Page.

I’m also the resident magpie gamer so am often trying new systems. The main army I use for 40K is my beloved Imperial Guard which have developed the reputation for causing death my laser pointer…, these are having a bit of a break for 2016 to allow me to focus on other things such as my Gotham City Sirens and Birds of Prey for the Batman Miniature Game, my Frostgrave warband and my Basilean Amry for Kings of War.

If you ask any of the club members what I’m like the one thing they’ll usually mention is my dice rolling… If an impossible roll is needed, I’m your man!

Daphne Dukes

Weagles Roving Reporter

Daphne Dukes

Daphne Dukes

“The Daily Planet has Lois Lane, the Gotham Gazette has Vicki Vale and the Weagles have me!”

Daphne first appeared as our pitchside reporter in the 2014 Club Blood Bowl League, and when Weagles announced thier first Blood Bowl tournament, The Weagle Bowl, Daphne was the obvious choice to be the face of the event. Since then Daph has been promoted to the clubs roving reporter, if the club are hosting an event Daphne will be there bringing you the latest news!

You can follow Daphne on Twitter at @Daphne_Dukes