About Us

Welcome to the White Eagles Wargames Club!

We’re a club that meets at the 36th Ipswich Scouts hall on a fortnightly basis. We’re a group of veteran gamers that just enjoy playing. We’re more like a large group of friends than a club, we enjoy gaming and having fun takes priority over winning at any cost.

If you just enjoying playing games and having a laugh with a group of mates then we’re the club for you!

The Birth of the White Eagles

To fully appreciate the history of the White Eagles you have to go way, way back in time to 1993!

Back then Alex was a wee 16 year old hanging out with a few friends (Gaz, Jon, & Dave being the main ones still around) looking for games to play and generally getting into as much trouble as 16 year old boys can!

One night Alex had the brainwave of forming an official group with which we could establish an online presence (the net was just forming around that time into what it is now!)

So Worlds Apart Roleplay Networks (WARNet) was formed and we played everything from Dungeons and Dragons, through Warhammer and BloodBowl, even Magic The Gathering was thrown in there.

However, as with everything at that age, the group started to drift apart in a year or so, and we mostly went our own ways for the next few years.

Roll time on to 2002 and you find another group of mates looking to formalise their gaming hobby into something more than ‘in the shed’ around Richard’s house, enter SWARMM (Simon, Wayne, Andy, Richard, Matt and Marcus). SWARMM launched itself as a gaming club and met at the Stoke Park Church hall. The club ran for 4 years.

During this those 4 years SWARMM attracted loads of recruits and became highly thought of in the national gaming community, culminating in the club running a display table at the Games Workshop Games Day event.  It was during this period that the guys from WARNet drifted in one by one having once again found a place to enjoy their hobby in a more social environment.

However all good things come to an end and eventually, in 2006, SWARMM broke apart, from that split was born Legion Wargames and what would eventually become the White Eagles.

With Matt moving on to run the Just 42 Games Club in Woodbridge, Alex took on the running in 2007 and re-branded the club into the White Eagles Gaming Club, and, persuaded Gaz into actively recruiting new members from the local area.

Bit by bit the Weagles grew and when Matt returned to the club he was an instant ‘shoe in’ to make the committee a 3 and all these years later we are still here, doing what we love.

Things have changed much over the years, but, with the move to the larger venue of the 36th Ipswich Scouts hall complete in March 2016, the core of what the White Eagles Wargaming Club stands for is alive and well.

What does the future hold for us?

Come along and find out for yourselves.  We look forward to welcoming you.