40K – Times They Are A Changin…

New-Hero-Banner-600x278Saturday saw the expected announcement of 40K 8th Edition…

The player-base kept thier cool, well, some of it did…

Today saw a live Q&A from GW that details a bit more about what will be changing in 8th!

Faeit 212/Natfka has done a handy write up of what was discussed and it can be found here: http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/ongoing-updates-for-live-40k-qna.html?m=1

What do people think? From this reporters view it looks like 40K will be incorporating lots of things that AoS introduced, some will see this as good, others bad…

Some examples include  – Tanks/MC will get worse as they get ‘wounded’, also everything can now hurt everything.

Overall it’s too early to make a judgement about what 8th will be like, I’m sure we’ll hear more in the coming days and weeks…

Roll on mid June as that’s the rumoured rlease date, also save those rulebook and codex receipts as if they’re less than 8 weeks old you can get a voucher replacement!

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