WIP Wednesday – Blood Angel Terminators

Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury

Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury


Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury

Throwback Thursday – £5 Thunderhawk

Gaz's Thunderhawk

Gaz’s Thunderhawk


Gaz is making himself a Thunderhawk, here’s what it looked like back in 2011. One day it’ll be finished!

WIP Wednesday – Dark Eldar & Sydonian Dragoon


Dark Eldar Incubi, Ravager and Drazhar Master of Blades by Sam Whymark

Sydonian Dragoon by Ben Edwards

Club Meet 2/5/15

It’s not often that a new Codex has such a polarising effect as the new Eldar one has had. There has been a large part of the Wargaming Community (dubbed Whinegamers – Matt) who have stated that this is the most broken book known to man and will win all games…

IMG_2412With the new Eldar book in hand Gaz had thrown down the gauntlet to Matt’s Imperial Guard, this could be the makings of the unstoppable force vs the immovable object…

Before we look at that game let’s look at the other two games of the evening.

First up was Sam’s Dark Eldar vs Dave’s Raven Guard, 2,000pts a piece. Dave had gone for as many bodies as possible mainly mounted in Rhino’s and Drop Pods, which Sam was not prepared for. The result was massed ‘flamey death’ as Dreadnaughts toasted the Eldar in their transports and Tactical and Assault Marines cut down the survivors… Continue reading