Club Meet 30.5.15

Another two weeks has passed and the latest club meet has rolled around!

Dark Eldar vs Wolves

Dark Eldar vs Wolves

Tonight saw the Heroquest campaign continue, Sam’s Dark Eldar take on Lee’s Space Wolves and Sam throwing down the gauntlet to Matt’s Guard.

In the Heroquest campaign the band of adventuring Heroes made it deeper into the depths of Kellars Keep… It’s amazing seeing how many differences there are in the UK and US versions! It feels like we only got half the game!!

At some point we might have to do a comparison article, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

Back to our brave band of adventures they managed to successfully overcome the obstacles that were placed in there way. Highlights included the Dwarf failing to disarm almost every trap he came across, the Barbarian failing to exit a magically locked door (despite all the other part members walking through it in from of him) and the Barbarian one shooting what should have been a challenging and scary Chaos Sorcerer!



The game between Sam and Lee started with a shock for Sam, he’s been expecting to be up against Tau but Lee had opted for his Space Wolves instead, totally different prospect!

The game was close fought, with Lee picking up the win in the end. Sam played a flawless game tactics wise but his dice rolls let him down in the end.

In the last game of the night James and his ‘Nids took on the immovable object known as Matt’s Guard. 1,500pts of Big Bugs proved to be less models than Matt was expecting, they did however refuse to die! James’ Trygon popped up gunned down the iG commander (something that does not happen that often!) and then proceeded to soak all the firepower that the Guard could throw at it!

Overall a great game with the Guard picking up the win.

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