Club Meet 16.5.15

Having battled through the Hadleigh Show traffic it was time for our regular fortnightly club meeting with a varied selection of games being played.



First up was Munchkin and Magic with Pete and Wayne:

The blue munchkin (Wayne) meandered around the dungeon despite not knowing what he was doing, loot falling at his feet. Despite the green munchkins best attempts to that him with a level 32 carnivorous furry plant, the blue munchkin still managed to escape the dungeon first.

Wayne then lost 4 games of MTG to Peter 2-0 each time, back to the drawing board for Wayne’s decks…

Sam and James were playing 40K, 2.5K per side, Dark Eldar vs ‘Nids

A hard fought scourging game where Sam had unfortunately taken many fast attack. James had managed first blood and wiped out a fast attack to secure two victory points on turn two.

The Trygon Prime had managed to destroy a raider but then was obliterated by sustained fire. Many vehicles destroyed, the Genestealers were wiped out apart from the Broodlord which contested an objective marker.

Dark Eldar vs Nids

Dark Eldar vs Nids

Sam made many a move to capture points at the end of turn five. The ‘Nids looked to be in trouble and needed the game to go for an extra turn to get the Hive Mind out of a potentially sticky situation!

Luckily for James the game continued to turn 6 where the Hellion and Wyche’s contesting objectives markers were killed gaining an additional victory point for fast attack destroyed.

A rather enjoyable and eventful game all round. Three continuous rounds of combat between gargoyles and a single Dark Eldar Warrior was the highlight due to the shear ‘why won’t you die factor?!’

End score 11 to 5 in favour of James and the Hive Mind.

The last game of the night is one of the Granddaddies on them all, Heroquest!

Jon has picked up numerous versions; the guys would be using the US version. The UK version is a much trimmed down version in comparison! The US one had tougher monsters and far more items.

Heroquest - Old School!

Heroquest – Old School!

Over to Jon:

“The Emperors army is trapped in the ancient dwarf stronghold of Kellars Keep, hopelessly outnumbered by the besieging Greenskin hordes.

Only the 4 questing heroes can find the secret way through the mountain to Grins Crag and reveal an escape route. So far they have engaged a large orc war band, traversed the giant spiral staircase avoiding Indiana Jones style boulder traps and fought their way through the Dwarven testing grounds by the skin of their teeth!

Having found the secret Dwarven forge they have retrieved one part of an ancient stone map which shows the location of Grins Crag. As they press on further into the mountain in search of the remaining pieces, dark forces gather…”

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