Club Meet 2/5/15

It’s not often that a new Codex has such a polarising effect as the new Eldar one has had. There has been a large part of the Wargaming Community (dubbed Whinegamers – Matt) who have stated that this is the most broken book known to man and will win all games…

IMG_2412With the new Eldar book in hand Gaz had thrown down the gauntlet to Matt’s Imperial Guard, this could be the makings of the unstoppable force vs the immovable object…

Before we look at that game let’s look at the other two games of the evening.

First up was Sam’s Dark Eldar vs Dave’s Raven Guard, 2,000pts a piece. Dave had gone for as many bodies as possible mainly mounted in Rhino’s and Drop Pods, which Sam was not prepared for. The result was massed ‘flamey death’ as Dreadnaughts toasted the Eldar in their transports and Tactical and Assault Marines cut down the survivors…

The second game of the night was Pete’s Necrons vs Lee’s Tau. The 3K game saw two brutal forces, the Necrons were making good use of their Codex detachment and the Tau were sporting 3 Riptides (including the Forgeworld version).

The Tau held a large proportion of their force in reserve which in the end proved to be their undoing as the Necrons proved almost impossible to kill. The new version of Reanimation Protocols makes ‘Crons a lot tougher than they used to be. The formations also make them evil, especially the one that allows Wraiths to reanimate.

IMG_2411The result in the end was a victory to the Necrons.

Now back to Gaz vs Matt. The points for the game was 2.5K big enough to play with the big toys but still small enough so that you can’t take everything that you want.

The board layout was terrain heavy (terrain makes the game as the saying goes) and the guys had opted for the tactical objectives missions.

Gaz won the roll off for deployment and with the battle lines drawn things were ready to kick off. Here’s Gaz and Matt to run you through what happened:

Gaz: With the release of the new Eldar codex I was determined to get rid of the newer cheese label that the Eldar had acquired. I knew that Matts Imperial Guard were a really tough nut to crack with his numerous heavy weapon teams and tanks (although no Baneblade, which was a pleasant surprise).

We both decided that a terrain heavy board would make a more interesting game and so would the inclusion of the ‘Tactical Objectives’, especially as the new codex’s have their own special ones. The game started my way, I won the deployment roll, I chose to deploy first, there was no way Matt could seize the initiative again (he has a habit of doing that sort of thing), but the dice gods were not on my side as Matt rolled a 6, stand by for some turn 1 pain… That was about it, as any one who has played against a gun heavy guard army will tell you, I started to take handfuls of models off the board.

IMG_2407A very hard fought battle, with Matt taking the spoils, but the game did show some interesting points:

  • Wraithknights are now as hard as ever, Feel No Pain makes a world of difference.
  • Fire Dragons with their +1 to the vehicle damage table will pop anything if they are allowed to get close enough.
  • Eldar Psychic powers are great, if you get close enough.
  • Eldar Seer Councils can generate a huge amount of dice.

That’s about all I can say at the moment, a couple more games to iron them out and to make me remember all the little rules I kept forgetting, then I think the mighty Eldar will return to take their planet back from the stinking Mon-keys!

Matt: Eldar, especially with the new ‘Dex, are a tough nut to crack. I was fairly sure that there would be a good number of Wraith units mixed in with support so my Guard we built to take of that style of list, while at the same time being able to take on massed Aspect Warriors if Gaz through a curve ball.

2 Infantry Platoons formed the core of my force supported by Tanks. Lots of high strength weapons with multiple shots was the way forward. Gaz had opted for a more infantry heavy army than I had expected, on the plus side there was only one Wraithknight and no Lords or Guard.

IMG_2415The game itself was new to me as I’d never used the tactical objective cards before. Normally Guard can stand back and rain down fire before taking objectives at the end of the game. In this version we always had 3 active objectives at all times with either player being able to claim any secure objective mission.

I was lucky enough to seize the initiative and grab the first turn. The Wraithnight can take so much abuse! Lascannon and Missile hits repeatedly bounced off him, damned Feel No Pain!! Took 3 turns of focused fire to finally bring it down!

The highlights of the game had to be the Solitaire being taken out by overwatch fire from a 10 man Guard unit and a lone Guard Lieutenant surviving the charge from an Eldar Ranger.

The Eldar are tough but weight of fire won the day!

After many hours of concentration both Gaz and Matt were knackered!

It was a hard fought game and at the end of turn 6 the Guard had achieved victory with 15pts to 11pts. With only 3 warp Spiders left on the table we think Gaz was relieved that it didn’t go the full 7 turns.

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