Miniature Monday – Skitarii, Tau and Blood Angels


Blood Angels Death Company Dreadnaught, Tau Broadside Battlesuit and Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii by James Salisbury

Club Meet 18/4/15

Every so often we get the urge to have a game of something we’ve not played in a while, tonight’s game of choice was the World of Warcraft board game complete with Burning Crusade Expansion. Thanks to us having access to Burning Crusade it meant there was access to higher levels as well as more equipment and abilities, the only downside is that it makes a long game even longer.

World of Warcraft the board game

World of Warcraft the board game

Gaz, Alex and Jon formed the Alliance and Matt, Alexander and Wayne formed the Horde. Both teams opted to stick together for the early encounters; this resulted in many monsters being stomped.

As the game progressed both sides stayed fairly even with neither the Horde nor Alliance being able to pull away, as the end drew near (and the hours long) Matt tried a risky gambit, soloing an Epic Ravager with a Shadow Priest… Due to a combination of less than stellar dice and a misunderstanding of how healing works it didn’t end well… (killing the critter was no issue, the problem was not getting killed before the final damage step!) Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Crooked Dice at Salute 2012

Crooked Dice - Salute 2012

Miss King, is that corn doll moving?


Salute 2015 is only just around the corner so here’s a picture from 2012. Matt joined the Crooked Dice team for a day of 7TV Gaming.

Here is Hugo Solomon and Pandora King taking on a living scarecrow…


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WIP Wednesday – Skitarii, Guard and Epic Chaos


Epic Tzeentch Firelord and Chaos Champion by Jon Halls

Leman Russ Annihilator by Matt Holden

Skitarii by Ben Edwards

Miniature Monday – Salamander Space Marine Chaplin by Ben Edwards

Salamander Space Marine Chaplin by Ben Edwards

Salamander Space Marine Chaplin by Ben Edwards


Salamander Space Marine Chaplin by Ben Edwards