Club Meet 4/4/15

As Neil was back for a meet for the first time since he moved to Germany the main activity of the night was his choice, in this case Kill Teams.

Club Meet 4.4.15

Club Meet 4.4.15

For those that are not familiar with Kill Teams, it’s very small scale 40K, you only have 200pts to play with… The rules set used for this meet were home brew, a mix of the GW Kill Team rules, Necromunda and 40K.

The Kill Teams games were done as doubles in the first game and the second was 3 vs 3. With small forces or a good sized board it makes for some interesting games! Man (squad) of the Match in game 2 was Alex’s Cadian Conscripts who were on a roll!

Elsewhere there were two games of 40K. Alexander (‘Nids), Wayne (Wolves), Sam (Dark Eldar) and James (‘Nids) had all written a 2K list and then names were drawn out of the hat to see who played who. With a sigh of relief from Wayne the games were Wolves vs Dark Eldar and the two ‘Nid forces facing off against each other (a rematch from last club meet.

Last meet saw James Hive Fleet overcome Alexander, this time the result was the opposite, Hive Fleet Cronus came out on top, one win all at some point there will be the decider, should be a good one!

Wolves vs Dark Eldar was a bloody fight, when two close combat orientated forces it’s always going to be messy! The Wolves ended up victorious on Kill Points, Dark Eldar don’t like wars of attrition. There will be a rematch at some point!. Next meet sees the two winners from tonight face off and the two losing forces do the same, should be good!

Matt wasn’t gaming so had chosen to model instead, the plan to continue building tanks and reducing the number of sprues in boxes! Tonight a Russ was assembled, and for a change it was based on a Forge World variant, the Annihilator. Twin linked Lascannons on a Russ is good fun!

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