Valhallan Ice Warrior Cosplay by Kosataya

You may have seen a post of the page recently with a Russian style female Space Marine from Khelga Khromaya, well it looks like Russia has more than just Marines, it also has Imperial Guard in the form of Kosataya as a Valhallan Ice Warrior.

Props: LARPoratory Photo: Kirchos Model & Postproduction: : Natalya Blinkova

Props: LARPoratory, Photo: Kirchos, Model & Postproduction: Natalya Blinkova (Kosataya)

Both of these are examples of Cosplay (Costumed Play), basically it boils down to dressing/acting as a character you like. Having looked on Deviant Art it turns out there are loads of great examples where people have taken the imagery and style of Warhammer and 40K and made outfits of their own ranging from the humble Guardsman or Empire soldier all the way to Space Marine Terminators.

Why are you sharing this I hear you ask? Well, aside from wargaming one of my other hobbies is doing the exact same thing (although I’m more known for Doctor Who outfits rather than 40K ones – see Facebook). What I hope to do is share some examples of this creative hobby with you (and it’s something a little different, yet still linked to the hobby).

Anyway back to Kosataya, below is a full gallery of her pictures, the uniform my not be regulation Imperium issue but I think it does provide a bonus to squad morale…

Props: LARPoratory
Photo: Kirchos
Model & Postproduction: Natalya Blinkova (Kosataya)


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