TK-421, Why Aren’t You At Your Post?

Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games, is awesome. The game itself is a topic for another time (yes Matt, i WILL get around to it) and the components are extremely high quality. Included in the base set are 3 squads of the Empire’s finest. The Imperial Stormtrooper. These humble little guys start out fairly naff, but with the right agenda selection can be truly scary, near limitless in number and generally your go-to guys when you want something made dead. Unfortunately, they come in a dull grey plastic..what to do…. oh yeah….


As with all models, the first step is preparation. clean off any obvious mold lines, being careful, as the Plastoid armour worn by the troopers has a set of its own carefully sculpted panel lines. don’t remove those by mistake! Wash the models in warm soapy water to get rid of any residual mold release agent.then prime., Now, usually i would use citadel Skull white primer (and did on my first Squad) but for the troopers, with their high-gloss finish I’m experimenting with a white enamel spray. If all goes well, your troopers should look like this:

Undercoated Stormtroopers

Undercoated Stormtroopers

Inspiring I know. Look at it this way, they’re almost finished…..

Next step is to thin down some Mechanicus Standard Grey (or Codex grey as it used to be called) and paint it carefully into any of the areas you want to be black, so eye lenses, gloves, parts of the black bodyglove that show, and the E-11 Blaster Rifle.

11009995_10152653052572447_1482419201594206397_nAt this stage, you could easily just give them a coat of varnish and game with them, but we are going to dirty them down a bit… Deploy the Liquid Talent!

Nuln Oil - Talent in a Bottle!

Nuln Oil – Talent in a Bottle!

A thin (50-50 mix with water) wash of the awesomeness that is Nuln Oil will be sufficient, this does what all washes do, and flows into the recesses, shades the grey down to black and generally makes things look awesome. you don’t want to go too heavy with this, as it can pool, and that looks rubbish, but generally and especially on the enamel base, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Progress - after leaving it to properly dry....

Progress – after leaving it to properly dry….

As you can see, some of the areas are a little dark, but we’re very nearly done here. the last stage is to just use a touch of white (citadel White Scar) to lighten them back up. i also applied a light almost-drybrush to the helmet just to bring out the sculpt a little. it’s worth spending a bit of time on this step, the more white you add, the cleaner your troopers will be. I’ve always been a fan of the lived-in universe aspect of Star Wars, so don’t want my troopers to be all that clean. the classic troopers we see on the Death Star haven’t ever seen action. their uniforms are parade ground white and polished. My troopers are guys in the field, and their armour should be a bit more grimy, while still being the unmistakable emblem of Imperial tyranny.

A coat of Mechanicus grey on the top of the base, and the edge painted in the Squad recognition colour (this is Blue Squad) and our troopers are finished.

Finished Troopers

Finished Troopers

I will add a touch of gloss varnish to the most raised areas (helmet, back, shoulder plates) but overall I’m pretty pleased with the effect.

Stormtroopers are very simple to paint, and one of the most commonly used figures in the game, so it’s a good starting point. Next time, I’ll be tackling another Imperial symbol of fear: The Arakyd Viper X1 Probe Droid.

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