Bllluruuruggghhhhhhrrrruuuubbb /Translated: Welcome

Well here we go, my first blog. This is all about one of my loves in my life;  Warhammer 40K.  I’ve been playing Warhammer in one form or another since I was 9 years old meaning I’ve been playing for 24 odd years.

68916_md-2nd Edition, Copyright Games Workshop, TyranidsLike everyone, I started with Sppppaaaaacccccccceeee Marines.  But I got bored with Space Marine on Space Marine battles and  in 1993 when Games Workshop released the first Codex Tyranids I instantly fell in love with a new faction.  How could I not with artwork like this?

So I started building a small Hive Fleet and being a young whipper snapper I painted everything in GW’s own colour schemes alas growth under a pocket-money salary was slow.    Then a few years later my school friend and only regular opponent left leaving me with no one to battle – and little incentive to continue collecting.  However I still followed GW closely.

Fast forward to 2001/02  I’m at University – I have a student loan in my pocket. I’m feeling financially flush and GW release the 3rd Tyranid Codex along with some amazing plastic kits.  So Hive Fleet Cronus is born.   The reasons for its name and its colour scheme will come later, maybe I will put its fluff finally down on paper rather than leaving it in my head.

35a9382Fast forward again to 2008. I’m in full-time employment and I’ve moved in with my old school friend and another passionate gamer into a proper gamers house.  We all had cash in our pockets and our armies grew naturally through evolution and a need to tackle the other persons new forces.  We also built a table designed specifically for Apoc, since one of the household loved everything big.  Personally I always wanted to re-fight the battles from Starship Troopers.

Slowly I found other opponents and the Swarm grew and grew.  Now in 2015, with the release of the latest Tyranid Codex, Hive Fleet Cronus has broken the 15,000 point limit and is over three hundred models.

Now I have found and joined White Eagles and found what appear to be a group of kindred spirits.  I aim to use the blog to describe my ideas behind this swarm, continue to record its evolution. and to track my thoughts of gaming in general, and also maybe the odd battle-report.

IMG_20141031_123615– Alex: Overfiend of Hive Fleet Cronus


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