Star Trek vs Star Wars……..Please Give it a Rest.

Star_Trek_vs_Star_Wars_by_ApolloNuiWhat is it with a certain selection of geeks out there, with their “is better than Star Trek” or “Star Trek is better than Star Wars” or god forbid, the really boring “What would win in space battle, the Enterprise or an Imperial Star Destroyer?”


Why? Let me point out some important points.

1, Star Wars is set (all together now), A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away……

This means, that even though they look human, they aren’t ‘earthlings’, and as far as we are concerned, we could have still been scratching around in trees whilst Luke was spanking Vader.

2, Star Trek is set in our future, a possible vision of where we as a race may be heading.

So the above scenario would never-ever happen, so stop with it, now!

And don’t even start with this crap!

warhammer-40k-vs-star-trek-star-warsAnd anyway, Stargate is better than both of them.

Rant over.


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