Valhallan Ice Warrior Cosplay by Kosataya

You may have seen a post of the page recently with a Russian style female Space Marine from Khelga Khromaya, well it looks like Russia has more than just Marines, it also has Imperial Guard in the form of Kosataya as a Valhallan Ice Warrior.

Props: LARPoratory Photo: Kirchos Model & Postproduction: : Natalya Blinkova

Props: LARPoratory, Photo: Kirchos, Model & Postproduction: Natalya Blinkova (Kosataya)

Both of these are examples of Cosplay (Costumed Play), basically it boils down to dressing/acting as a character you like. Having looked on Deviant Art it turns out there are loads of great examples where people have taken the imagery and style of Warhammer and 40K and made outfits of their own ranging from the humble Guardsman or Empire soldier all the way to Space Marine Terminators. Continue reading

Miniature Monday – Salamander Space Marine Champion by Ben Edwards

Salamander Space Marine Champion by Ben Edwards

Salamander Space Marine Champion by Ben Edwards


Salamander Space Marine Champion by Ben Edwards

TK-421, Why Aren’t You At Your Post?

Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games, is awesome. The game itself is a topic for another time (yes Matt, i WILL get around to it) and the components are extremely high quality. Included in the base set are 3 squads of the Empire’s finest. The Imperial Stormtrooper. These humble little guys start out fairly naff, but with the right agenda selection can be truly scary, near limitless in number and generally your go-to guys when you want something made dead. Unfortunately, they come in a dull grey plastic..what to do…. oh yeah…. Continue reading

Bllluruuruggghhhhhhrrrruuuubbb /Translated: Welcome

Well here we go, my first blog. This is all about one of my loves in my life;  Warhammer 40K.  I’ve been playing Warhammer in one form or another since I was 9 years old meaning I’ve been playing for 24 odd years.

68916_md-2nd Edition, Copyright Games Workshop, TyranidsLike everyone, I started with Sppppaaaaacccccccceeee Marines.  But I got bored with Space Marine on Space Marine battles and  in 1993 when Games Workshop released the first Codex Tyranids I instantly fell in love with a new faction.  How could I not with artwork like this?

So I started building a small Hive Fleet and being a young whipper snapper I painted everything in GW’s own colour schemes alas growth under a pocket-money salary was slow.    Then a few years later my school friend and only regular opponent left leaving me with no one to battle – and little incentive to continue collecting.  However I still followed GW closely. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday – Swarmm Wargames at Games Day 2002

Swarmm at Games Day 02

Swarmm at Games Day 02

A long time ago (in a galaxy far away…) before the White Eagles there was Swarmm…

Here are a few of the old members at Games Day 2002 doing an Inquisitor display game.

The terrain was all custom built and took a lot of putting together, the 8 by 4 board was fully tiled from old cereal boxes. Some of the members still can’t look at a box of Frosties without having ‘Nam style flashbacks!

WIP Wednesday – Blood Angel Terminators

Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury

Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury


Blood Angel Terminators by James Salisbury