A Case Of The Squats

Back in the “good old days” there was an army of space dwarfs. They promptly got “eaten by Tyranids” and retroactively removed from all fluff, had the model moulds destroyed and now so much as mentioning them on workshop sites gets you a perma-ban. They also had a stupid name. I am referring of course to the Squats.

I happen to LIKE the idea that in the 41st millennium, there are still a race of engineers who actually KNOW what they’re doing, and are busily inventing new tech to throw back the Tyranid and Ork invasions that are threatening their race with extinction. I happen to LIKE the idea that these embittered and now sadly depleted strongholds are still stubbornly refusing to give up the ghost and keel over. I also happen to LIKE the fact that other companies are not as short sighted (pardon the pun) as GW and still produce some pretty cool Space Dwarf models.SquatWhat I don’t like is the fact that i have to use a substitute codex or write one myself.
But, needs must. If i ever want to field a force of Technologically advanced Space Mechanics with beards then I have no choice.The first thing to go is the name. “Squats”. It just doesn’t exactly inspire fear does it?
There are a few other names associated with Space Dwarfs (Grymm, Demiurg etc) and so I think I’ll combine a mix of old and new. Codex: Grymm Brotherhoods… how does that sound?Brainstorming time again 🙂 brief unit ideas. Feel free to add/comment.

  • Warlord (self explanatory, can take one unit of Hearthguard as troops)
  • Living Ancestor (psyker) force dome to give cover save, feel no pain to one unit within 6″, hammerhand, smite.
  • Engineer Guildmaster (Techmarine style. unique wargear. possibly take Robots as troops) like the idea of conversion beamer for him, possibly experimental tech.


  • Hearthguard (heavy infantry, better weapon selection) //SM veterans
  • Exterminators (heavy infantry, heavier armour) //Exo-armour
  • Mining Robots (unique unit, very customizable for different roles) fearless, Feel no pain. maybe add in Eldar Wraithsight rules to represent needing an engineer nearby to control them. tracks upgrade to give move through cover, up to 2 weapon points with options.
  • Grenadiers (using old style grenade launchers. Blind grenades give cover save, anti-plant give move through cover, plasma (offensive grenades), frag (fired like frag missile), krak)


  • Brotherhood Warriors (basic infantry unit, machine guns)
  • Engineers (better guns (sonic?), weaker armour 6+)
  • Rhino Transports
  • Chimera Transports


  • Berzerkers (jump infantry, possibly fearless, weak armour but lots of attacks.) // Stormboyz
  • Tunnelers ( heavier close combat troops, less attacks, better weapons, transported by termites)
  • Bikers
  • Support trikes


  • Thunderers (heavy weapon squad)
  • Thudd guns (multiple barrage. upgradeable)
  • Mole Mortars (thinking use the Thunderfire cannon subterranean explosion rules)
  • Gyrocopter (everyone has a flyer nowadays)
  • Vindicator
  • Walker (dreadnought or sentinel) Hasslefree make one i think
  • Termites could simply work as drop pods.

Basic concept: whole army has preferred enemy Orks and Tyranids. whole army is stubborn, use some sort of slug weapons, heavy machine guns. same profile as an Ork shoota? Sonic weaponry for elites (pistols, blasters) idea nicked from x-com. Armour is mostly 5+, Hearthguard get 4+. Exo-armour is 3+.

What I want to do is stay away from being a “variant guard” list, they’re quite a defensive army in the old fluff and have no mid-size main battle tanks. there’s a LOT of work still to do here. This is all off the top of my head and needs an awful lot of development, but the bare bones of it are there I think.

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