Tyranid Infestation

Scenery is a vital part of every battlefield, and as a club we have talked about making themed terrain pieces for our armies. With Tyranids this poses a few interesting challenges, what does a Bug-infested world look like?Having had a long think about it (and watched Aliens a few times) I figure i’m going to try and attempt 5 distinct pieces of scenery. These are as follows:

  1. A Spore Funnel
  2. Digestion Pool
  3. Egg Cluster
  4. Hatchery
  5. “Hived” facility

These will likely increase in complexity the further down the list I work.So, Brainstorming time!

Spore Funnel

I figure I could use the weird cone/sphincter things you get on the Genestealer sprue. a few scything talons to add height. The spores themselves will be (possibly) stretched out coloured cotton wool or Brillo pad or something.Difficult terrain/Medium High cover

Digestion Pool

Grab a crater, as many scything talons/nid spiky bits as possible. This is gonna be a “sarlacc” pit kinda thing.Dangerous terrain/Low level cover

Egg Cluster

Polystyrene eggs (medium) in a group of 3, on a CD base. Milliput to make them look Alien Egg-y kinda like my mycetic spore but smaller. Milliput tendrils and floor detailing to make a patch of alien lattice.Medium level cover


Smaller Eggs (same deal) but possibly modelled open. Dead guardsmen/orks/marines. Dead facehuggers made from rending claw “hands” and Milliput. Rippers as chestbursters. mini-diorama style piece.Difficult terrain/little or no cover

Hived Facility

One of the 40k building kits + Milliput and PVA glue to hive it up. Maybe a victim or two cocooned to the wall?What I really need is to get my hands on “the art of Alien”. A brilliant reference book I had as a teenager. Wonder what I did with it?

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