Colouring In 2: In Which We Use Colour



So, after waiting for the undercoat to dry thoroughly it’s time to grab the Bleached Bone and a tank brush. Slightly thin down the paint and get a slappin’, cover all the areas of “flesh” not worrying about getting the bone on the carapace, your fingers, family pets or anything else. Give it a couple of thin coats rather than one thick one, and don’t worry too much about getting every last tiny bit of the model. If you can’t see it to get a brush to it, it’s probably not going to be noticed on the tabletop.

Once the bone is dry (thoroughly) find some Devlan Mud, for some reason this stuff always STINKS. really bad. It’s like Old Spice, if by spice you mean “feet”.

Give the bone areas a blast with the Devlan Mud and wait for it to dry. This is a good time to clean off your table, tea mug and anything else splashed with little brown spots. For some reason my phone screen always seems to attract them.

A quick drybrush with bleached bone and the skin is more or less done.



Next comes the fiddly bit. Using Scab Red (the darkest one) cover all the areas of carapace. Same deal, multiple thin coats are better than a single thick one. Moving on up to the Mechrite red, paint it in stripes going from halfway up each armour plate towards the edge, repeat with blood red, thinner stripes, less paint.

Mix up a batch of red with black, you want about a 50/50 mix, paint this carefully into the recesses of the plates.

Claws and weapons are black. Quick blast of gloss varnish on the claws and a very very light drybrush of Codex Grey on the weapons (just to soften the colour a bit)

Bugs are ridiculously easy to paint. I can factory produce them by the dozen. The same method works on everything from a Ripper to a Trygon. Speaking of which I’ll try and remember to get some work-in-progress shots as I paint tomorrow and add them to this post….



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