Superman Is A Douche…

Funny how a random comment can set the mind to thinking…

starshiptroopers_lIn Matt’s last post he mentioned his shed as a “Fortress of Solitude”. This got me thinking. Most, if not all of the guys I’ve spoken to much prefer to paint/model/assemble in the company of others. Chatting over the painting table at GW or just with a mate or two at the dining table.

I know that in the past, ideas have been exchanged about current projects and many potentially disastrous project-stopping problems solved with a cuppa and some glue. So what happens if you haven’t got any friends? or if for some unfathomable reason they’re not available?

Personally I find that it helps enormously to have some sort of “background noise” while i paint and model. usually a DVD or music. While I’m working on my bugs for example I find that having Starship Troopers or Aliens keeps me focused, when I was painting Orks i listened to a lot of Ramones and Green Day.

So, my question is thus: what do you guys do to keep your attention focused on the job at hand while staving off the boredom of gluing sand to bases?

One thought on “Superman Is A Douche…

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