Sev’s Spawning Pool….

Okey dokey, Here goes…

Among my many (many) projects on the go, this week I’ve been concentrating on Nids. As some of you may remember I said at the start of the year this would be a “Bug” year. I was looking at getting hold of some Chapterhouse Tervigon conversion kits and working from there, a plan that was completely derailed by the release of the Tervigon/Tyrannofex last weekend by GW.

TERVIGONSo, the Tervigon (for that is what i built) it’s…big. Very big! Literally the thing FILLS one of those large oval bases. It’s so tall it’s not going to be hidden by any of our current club scenery, no cover saves for this baby…. unless… it turns out a Venomthrope is completely hidden by this beasty’s bulk tentacles and all, mutual cover saves ftw!

The kit itself is not to shabby either. All the parts fit together smoothly (new mould’s) and the assembly instructions are pretty straight forward. They even (shock horror) have part numbers (mumble mumble Trygon). The sprues are pretty light on extras, all the weapon options are on there and the obligatory scrotum/venom sacs, but would it really have hurt to squeeze a ripper or two on there?

One issue I did encounter was the adrenal glands, in the instructions the pic just shows them sort of diagonally plopped onto the thing’s back legs, which looks stupid! However after fiddling around with it for a few minutes it really is the only place to put them. There’s NO free space on the damn thing…

Now, GW recommend “paint before assembly” but screw that. I want to be able to USE my £35 model before it’s done… the simple answer? I haven’t glued it to the base, suddenly i can get to the underside and all the nooks and crannies (and we all know how hard it is to paint a cranny)

On the painting table this week: 3 spore mines, 1 Termagant, 3 Shrikes and a Hive tyrant…


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