A Case Of The Squats

Back in the “good old days” there was an army of space dwarfs. They promptly got “eaten by Tyranids” and retroactively removed from all fluff, had the model moulds destroyed and now so much as mentioning them on workshop sites gets you a perma-ban. They also had a stupid name. I am referring of course to the Squats.

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Tyranid Infestation

Scenery is a vital part of every battlefield, and as a club we have talked about making themed terrain pieces for our armies. With Tyranids this poses a few interesting challenges, what does a Bug-infested world look like?Having had a long think about it (and watched Aliens a few times) I figure i’m going to try and attempt 5 distinct pieces of scenery. These are as follows:

  1. A Spore Funnel
  2. Digestion Pool
  3. Egg Cluster
  4. Hatchery
  5. “Hived” facility

These will likely increase in complexity the further down the list I work.So, Brainstorming time!

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Colouring In 2: In Which We Use Colour



So, after waiting for the undercoat to dry thoroughly it’s time to grab the Bleached Bone and a tank brush. Slightly thin down the paint and get a slappin’, cover all the areas of “flesh” not worrying about getting the bone on the carapace, your fingers, family pets or anything else. Give it a couple of thin coats rather than one thick one, and don’t worry too much about getting every last tiny bit of the model. If you can’t see it to get a brush to it, it’s probably not going to be noticed on the tabletop.

Once the bone is dry (thoroughly) find some Devlan Mud, for some reason this stuff always STINKS. really bad. It’s like Old Spice, if by spice you mean “feet”. Continue reading

Colouring In

As Gaz has pointed out, motivation to paint can often be the biggest obstacle. Well, as it turns out, writing this blog is an excellent motivator. Last week’s painting projects are all done and there’s new ‘Nids on the table already.

How to paint my ‘Nids. Stage by stage. (Just in case i forget 😛 )

So… Stage 1 – The Undercoat.

GW would lead you to believe that Chaos Black (or Skull White) spray is the only way to undercoat your models. This is in fact a lie! Personally i use any old Matt black spray i can lay my hands on. Usually car body spray from Poundland.

Really as long as you shake it properly (so it doesn’t dry too shiny) anything will do. It’s a damn sight cheaper too, and let’s face it, very little (if any) of it will be visible on the finished model.

A properly ventilated area is a must (unless you like paint-fume induced headaches…). I usually arrange the “target” models on an old box lid and then spray it from approximately a foot away, rotating the box 45 degrees between each blast. this means that you get all the fiddly bits without overly saturating the model.

Leave it to dry.


More to follow….

(when the undercoat dries)

On the painting table this week: Trygon, 15 “Devilgaunts”.

Paints Ready, Figures Ready……Oh Look, It’s A TV Programme About Sheds!

Now I’ve just read Superman Is A Douche… and it also got me thinking (must be that time of the year), how do you motivate your self into painting, modelling etc?

man_watching_televisionI can spend all day thinking ‘when i get home, I’m going to paint my Wraithlord’ and I have all the best intentions in the world of doing it, until I sit down to do it, then for some stupid reason I can’t seem to be bothered!

Take for example my High Elf army, I’ve been collecting this army since I first started playing Warhammer (that’s over 20 years) and what have I painted from it? The cloak of a mage and the armour of 4 horsemen, that’s it, why? because i cant be bothered!

Its not that I can’t paint, I can (I think), but just find any motivation.

Any ideas?

Superman Is A Douche…

Funny how a random comment can set the mind to thinking…

starshiptroopers_lIn Matt’s last post he mentioned his shed as a “Fortress of Solitude”. This got me thinking. Most, if not all of the guys I’ve spoken to much prefer to paint/model/assemble in the company of others. Chatting over the painting table at GW or just with a mate or two at the dining table.

I know that in the past, ideas have been exchanged about current projects and many potentially disastrous project-stopping problems solved with a cuppa and some glue. So what happens if you haven’t got any friends? or if for some unfathomable reason they’re not available?

Personally I find that it helps enormously to have some sort of “background noise” while i paint and model. usually a DVD or music. While I’m working on my bugs for example I find that having Starship Troopers or Aliens keeps me focused, when I was painting Orks i listened to a lot of Ramones and Green Day.

So, my question is thus: what do you guys do to keep your attention focused on the job at hand while staving off the boredom of gluing sand to bases?